• Visitors

         Parents and guardians of the students are always welcome and are encouraged to visit the school.  They must, however, check in through the office to pick up a visitor’s pass before visiting the classroom.  This pass must be returned to the office before exiting.  We also request a 24-hour notice if a parent plans on attending classes with his/her child.  This allows for prior arrangements for seating.  Student visitors will not be permitted during the school day.  Loitering on or near a school campus could result in arrest.  Former students wishing to visit teachers after school must receive permission from the office before going to the classrooms and likewise need a visitor’s pass. 

     Address and Telephone

         It is the student and parents' responsibility to notify the school if there is a change of address or telephone number. Every student is expected to have on file a current number of an emergency contact for use when a parent cannot be contacted. It is extremely important that current information is on file in the office at all times.