• June 21, 2020 (UPDATED)

    Dear Alvord Families,

    These unprecedented times require more communication than usual. We are all anxious to learn how to safely navigate through the challenges and ever-changing landscape of public education during the COVID-19 era. Thanks for remaining connected to us.

    On the left column (or the above > on the mobile APP) you will find my most recent messages to our school community. They contain reopening updates. You will also find video podcast messages via YouTube and my professional web site, which is dedicated to support education leaders through my lens as a veteran school superintendent as well as a veteran member of the California State University, Fullerton Education Leadership Department. I teach doctoral-level leadership classes and supervise doctoral research.  

    As we face the future together it’s more important than ever to remain focused on the mission all educator’s share: Provide a just, equitable, and inclusive educational opportunity for all students. The challenges of realizing this mission has never been greater, given the great equity challenge brought on by the coronavirus as it relates to equity and access. A strong and steady hand must be at the wheel at all times in the interest of effectively providing our students with academic and social and emotional support in the face of a multitude of obstacles and distractions. 

    We learned lots from the abrupt closure of schools on March 13. Among the lessons learned was the realization that institutionally, school districts are not designed to pivot at a moment's notice. Some succeeded with the transition to distance learning, while others did not fare as well. Alvord's committment to 21st Century learning helped us fare better than most, and we are building on that as we prepare for the uncertainties of this coming school year. Our team is committed to professional development and serving our students in the current environment. I am proud of the work we have done and the work we are doing as we plan for 2020-21.

    There is no playbook or handbook for a crisis of this magnitude. But districts like Alvord, with a strong tradition of high-quality teaching and instructional support, are in a much better position to deliver than districts without the firm foundation that girds Alvord’s educational program delivery model. While it's a work in progress, we are poised to seamlessly transition, again, this time to the 2020-21 model because it surely will look different than in year's past.

    As students and parents you can rest assured that a highly-qualified team of education professionals are in your corner.

    If you have any questions or comments, please Email Dr. Mucerino here and let me know what’s on your mind.

    In partnership. Thank you.

    Allan Mucerino