• Norte Vista embraces international education, and defines it as the training and experience that expands a student’s awareness to include an appreciation of practices and points of view found in other parts of the world. International education requires that the entire campus be imbued with a global consciousness, an understanding in our own diverse society of other cultures worldwide. It is a dynamic process whereby we integrate an intercultural emphasis into our purpose and program, not simply in theory, but also in terms of the heart and soul of our presentation to all.

    Advanced Academics


    It is a symphony of learning, growing and evolving that not only celebrates uniqueness, but also moves in the direction of global synthesis, a peace and harmony among peoples. International education should prepare students to interact with others outside of their own native culture, to understand them and to be able to communicate and compete in the global marketplace. It should make citizens of the world who are not bound by the accident of their current geography, and are empathetic and appreciative of their fellow human beings.