• Action Team for Partnerships

    All schools in the National Network of Partnership Schools (NNPS) use an Action Team for Partnerships (ATP) to organize and sustain a program of school, family, and community partnerships. With an ATP, teachers, administrators, parents, community members, and others can work together to connect family and community involvement with school improvement goals. The ATP in each school aims to:

    • Create a welcoming school environment for families
    • Engage families and the community in ways that support student achievement and success


    What is an Action Team for Partnerships?

    The ATP is the “action arm” or committee of the School Improvement Team or School Council. Although the ATP members oversee the school's partnership program, other teachers, parents, students, administrators, and community members also may lead family and community involvement activities.

    What does an Action Team for Partnerships do?

    Each school's ATP will conduct the following activities:

    • Write a One-Year Action Plan for Partnerships (see definition) with activities linked to selected goals in the School Improvement Plan
    • Integrate all family and community involvement activities conducted by teachers and school groups in the One-Year Action Plan for Partnerships
    • Recruit and recognizes other teachers, parents, community members for leadership and participation in family and community involvement activities
    • Implement, coordinate, publicize, and oversee the planned involvement activities
    • Monitor progress, assess the strengths and weaknesses of implemented involvement activities, document results, and resolve problems
    • Report progress to the School Council (or School Improvement Team) and to the faculty, PTA/PTO, local media, and other groups
    • Replace departing ATP members
    • Continue improving the school's program of family and community involvement


  • ATP Facilitator: 

    Erica Ferris (erica.ferris@alvordschools.org)


    ATP Members: 

    Susan Perez, Counselor

    David Fleischer, Teacher

    TBD, Parent

    TBD, Parent

    TBD, Parent

    TBD, Parent

  • 2022-2023 Meeting Dates

    All Meetings are on Thursdays at 315pm.

    September 1st 

    October 6th (2pm meeting)

    November 3rd

    December 1st 

    February 2nd 

    March 2nd 

    April 6th

    May 4th