• Guiding Alvord Students Towards College

    AVID, Advancement Via Individual Determination is a student support program designed to prepare all students for college and a future of success. The program serves students who are in the "academic middle" but who have the potential to succeed in a more rigorous academic program if they had additional support. AVID provides that support and prepares students to go on to a four year college or university. It is not a remedial program for students who struggle in school, nor is it a program for students who perform well. It does not require the support of parents with college expectations. AVID provides ordinary students with the tools necessary to take the less traveled path and accomplish extraordinary things. Here in Alvord our AVID programs are available in each of our middle schools and our comprehensive high schools. To find out more about your school’s AVID program, please contact your child’s counselor. You can also visit the AVID websites: http://rimsavid.org and http://www.avid.org/.



  • Contact Us

    Traci Vaughan

    AVID District Liaison,

    Principal - Valley View Elementary


    Phone: (951) 358-1670