• Welcome to Orrenmaa Running Club! 

    Grab those running shoes and head over to Orrenmaa Friday mornings from 8:00am-8:30am! 

    The goal of Running Club is to provide Orrenmaa Families and students with a safe and fun environment to run or walk their way to a healthy body and mind. 

    Research shows that exercise is a great way to start the day. We're getting our students ready to learn! 

    • Students need to have a Running Club card to keep track of their laps
    • After 50 laps, students have earned their Running Club T-Shirt
    • Look for Student Council Members to help you sign up if you are new
    • Water is sold at Running Club
    • Running Club is a great way to set goals! 
    • Students show grit and determination 
    • Enjoy the fun music, friends, and fitness!

    What makes Running Club even more awesome? 

    • Students are at school on time
    • your owl is awake and ready to learn
    • It's a lot more fun than standing around in front of the school!
    • You show your School Spirit! 
    • your owl can run their way to an awesome T-Shirt that shows everyone they have reached their goal of 50, or more, laps!