• A Note from the Health Office
    Melody Mendiola, RN
    Linda Derry, Health Assistant


    Allergies and colds share similar symptoms and can cause runny noses, nasal congestion and sneezing. Allergies typically last longer than colds and also cause itchiness or irritation in the eyes and nose. If your child’s sneezing and runny nose lasts more than a week and his/her eyes and nose are itching s/he most likely has seasonal allergies and not a cold. 


    If your child suffers from allergies, it can be difficult to concentrate while at school. Remedies may be suggested by your physician at your next well child visit. Here are few tips to limit your child’s allergy symptoms while at home:

    • Keep your windows closed and run an air conditioner. Air conditioners filter new air into a room and help minimize pollen levels inside the house. Humidifiers and non-ionic air purifiers can also help reduce pollen counts indoors and make breathing easier for kids with allergies.
    • Children who are sensitive to pollen should shower and change clothes after playing outside.
    • Vacuum your carpets, and wash your child’s linens weekly.
    • Wash your pets often, especially if they spend time both inside and outside.

    Our goal at Promenade Health Office is to promote student health for student success.