Family Math Bingo Night

Parent Involvement


    Promenade School has a strong base of parent support and involvement. Our Parent‐Teacher Organization (PTO) is very active and participates in the planning and coordinating of school‐wide events. Additionally, our PTO raises funds to provide for educational assemblies and study field trips. Follow our PTO on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for all the latest updates.


    The School Site Council (SSC) consists of five parent/community members who collaborate with five staff members. Their role and function includes monthly meetings that consist of the planning and implementation of our school‐based coordinated plan.


    Our English Learners Advisory Committee (ELAC) is a supportive group of parents and staff who assemble on a regular basis to discuss issues and concerns relative to the development of English for those students whose language is other than English. Parent education on topics that are beneficial to parents of English Learners is provided based on needs assessment. Watch this brief informational video to learn more about ELAC. 

    English Video

    Spanish Video