• As stated in the California State Department of Education World Language Framework, the goal of a Foreign Language program is to "increase students' literacy in languages other than English, thereby also increasing their literacy in English; including the ability to speak comprehensibly with accurate grammar and pronunciation".  In order to meet A-G college requirements, students need to pass 2 years of the same foreign language course with a "C" or better.  Some universities recommend completing 3 years of foreign language courses.  In addition, it is the goal of the World Language Department at La Sierra to build a foundation of language that will enable students to communicate in languages other than English and strengthen their overall language skills.  Students will also have the opportunity to explore the culture, art and history of the target language through authentic materials and real world situations.


    Students who wish to enroll in French courses will start with French 1.  French courses offered at La Sierra include:


    French Courses

    Students who wish to enroll in Spanish courses have two options:  Spanish & Spanish for Native Speakers.  Students who do not speak Spanish should enroll in regular Spanish classes.  Students who can express themselves and understand others in Spanish should enroll in a Spanish for Native Speakers class.  Usually Spanish speakers have a background in the language because it was their first language or because the language is spoken at home.  If students wish to enroll in a Spanish for Native Speakers course, it is necessary to take an assessment to place them in the appropriate course level.


    Spanish Courses Offered At LSHS

World Language Staff

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