Paw Pals is a program that has been designed for 5th grade students that have been recommended by their teachers to be the leaders of our school. They have been identified as students that have the potential of thriving in a leadership role with guidance. During their time as Paw Pals, the students participate in a Six Pillars of Character training as well as a leadership training to build upon their existing leadership strengths. 

    Paw Pal students are responsible for greeting parents in the AM and PM, collecting attendance folders at the front counter, walking new or troubled students to their classrooms, and help with making phone calls in the afternoon. In addition the Paw Pals host school-wide spirit days, organize the annual NEU fundraiser, and share weekly morning announcements. 

    Terrace is lucky to have such wonderful 5th grade Paw Pals who are truly great role models and leaders to their peer scholars.