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    Girls Volleyball

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    Robyn Hubbard

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    Hello! Thank you for your interest in Hillcrest Girls Volleyball. Our program aims to develop a well rounded athlete where they strive to establish character, academics, and volleyball skills. The coaching staff looks for athletes with positive attitudes, good sportsmanship, charisma, and a competitive nature which aids in the success of the program. We expect good workethic from our athletes, arriving on time to both practices and games, and must maintain above a 2.0 GPA throughout the school year. We believe that in order to be successful we need to understand accountability so it is important that the athletes are conditioned to take responsibility and show responsibility for their actions. Please, if there are any questions have the student athlete address it with their coach and we will proceed.

    Coach Introduction:

    Robyn Hubbard

    This is my fourth season here at Hillcrest as the varsity coach, but I have several years of experience including playing at the collegiate level, and coaching club. Our program is still developing and creating an atmosphere of success and learning. Throughout my four seasons with girls volleyball we have gone to CIF twice, have had several girls given All League honors, and athletes continue playing at a higher level. In addition to coaching the girls team, I coach the boys junior varsity team at Hillcrest in the spring. I have a huge passion for the sport of volleyball and I love instilling my knowledge and love for the game on my athletes.

    "You have BRAINS in your HEAD.

    You FEET in your SHOES.

    You can STEER yourself and DIRECTION you CHOOSE"

    -Dr. Seuss