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     Who is up for the challenge?


    The Goal: 100 miles in one school year

    How: Students run for 15 minutes, 2 times a week during school.

    They will also find other 100 Mile Events in our community to earn credit toward their total miles. 


    100 Mile Club incentive packages

    25 Miles- Tee Shirt

    50 Miles- Golden Pencil

    75 Miles- Wristband

    100 Miles- Gold Medal


    $10 can be turned in only after your child reaches 20 miles.

    They will receive their tee shirt when they hit the 25 miles!


    Tee Shirt Orders are placed the 2nd Friday of the month.

    Tee Shirt Distribution will be the 4th Friday of the month.

    *If money is collected after the 2nd Friday of the month, the tee shirt will be ordered the following month.

     100 Mile

    100 Mile Club Staff Advisors

    Maryann Roble, Teacher

    Rachel Esparza, Teacher




    Don't forget bottled water and your running shoes!