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  • Reading Counts!


    Reading Counts! is an incentive based reading program in which students can read a book of interest, whether fiction or non-fiction, and then take a short quiz to test comprehension. If the student passes the quiz the student earns points towards an award.

    Surrounding students with a wide variety of leveled literature and nonfiction texts in the classroom, in the school library, and at home is a great start to creating lifelong readers. With Scholastic Reading Counts! your students have a Lexile®-based independent reading program that tracks their success on the books they read, in and out of school. This technology-based program creates a personalized and engaging learning environment that ensures independent reading accountability.

    Scholastic Reading Counts!:

    • MOTIVATES students with suggested reading choices that match their interests and reading levels.
    • EMPOWERS educators with reports and actionable date at the student, school and district level.
    • REINFORCES comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency skills.


    Scholastic Reading Counts! leverages your independent reading program into a measurable and highly motivating strategy to raise reading achievement for all students.