• Student Council Message


    Stokoe Student Council is made up of a group of 4th and 5th grade students that have been selected to be representatives and help the school.

    They make a one year commitment to help Stokoe in many ways.

    Such As:

    • Collecting recycling to earn money back for the school
    • Getting involved in community service project to send school supplies to children in need
    • Helping with school-wide events like : Bullying Prevention Month  & Career Month

    These students also like to help clean up the MPR after lunch and help in the morning before school at the kindergarten playground.

    Student council students help spread good messages of being respectful and responsible by doing this every day in class and around the campus.  They show others how to have good character traits.

    They are always looking for ways to make Stokoe a better place!!!

    ~by Stokoe Student Council 2018-2019