Half Time
  • Half Time / Expanded Learning!


    Schools, community members and organizations partnering together to ensure opportunities for life-long learning by providing more educational, recreational and enrichment possibilities for students.


    HALF-Time is an intervention program for elementary school students who have been selected based on academic need. Recommendations come directly from the principal and teachers at the school. Following the admission of targeted students, additional students are added to the program on a first-come, first served basis. The program offers an hour of homework assistance with trained staff, an hour of computer based reading and math intervention/tutorial, a nutritional snack, and an hour of indoor and outdoor activities that are both fun and educational. Some activities offered include: arts & crafts; recreation such as jump rope, hula-hoops, and dance; and a cultural awareness program designed to introduce children to different cultures across the United States and around the world.


    Program Hours
    The After School Programs operate Monday through Friday until at least 6:00 pm, beginning immediately after the end of the regular school day.


    Daily Operations
    The HALF-Time programs consist of three components per day:

    Academic providing tutoring and/or homework assistance.

    Enrichment – offering positive youth development through activities such as visual and performing arts, music, and activities that complement the school’s academics.

    Recreation – activities designed to promote physical activity, health and nutrition.

    A nutritional snack is provided daily to students participating in the after school program.



    Enrollment is free, but limited. HALF-Time enrollment is based on the following criteria:

    1) Students who have been retained or have been recommended for retention

    2) Students who are at risk of retention

    3) Siblings of students who qualify for one of the two listed criteria

    All active school students are welcome to participate in HALF-Time programs, with priority given to students with academic need, as space is available.