• What happened to our Intranet from the previous website?

    Posted by Cynthia Shipley on 9/7/2015

    The information from the previous intranet is still accessible within district's network.  

    To access it, simply click here:

    Click here to access the Intranet from previous  website

    We are continuing to examine, as well as update, content posted on the previous Intranet.  Soon, users will have access to the information directly from alvordschools.org.



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  • How do I sign into AUSD Intranet?

    Posted by Cynthia Shipley on 8/27/2015

    First, follow the image:

    AUSD Intranet

    Second, you will then see this on your browser window:

     Sign In window


    Third, type the username and password on the fields provided.*  


    *The username and password are the same used to log-in to a computer at work and district's email.


    For example, if your e-mail address is john.doe@alvord.k12.ca.us, then your sign in is as follows:


    User Name: john.doe

    Password: same as e-mail/computer log-in


    After successfully signing in, you now have access AUSD Intranet


    If you have questions or any issues, please  email us at contact@alvord.k12.ca.us

    If you need a password reset, please call our Help Desk at (951) 509-5180


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  • What is AUSD Intranet?

    Posted by Cynthia Shipley on 8/27/2015

    With the adoption of our new website, AUSD Intranet has moved and can be access here: 

     AUSD Intranet


    You will need to sign in in order to access AUSD Intranet.  Follow instructions listed on How do I sign in to AUSD Intranet post. 

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