Degrees and Certifications:

Miss Denise Adams

I have eight years of teaching experience, three years of which I spent as the department chair and seven as a member of and various leadership teams and a year as an instruction coach. I am highly adaptable, enthusiastic and student oriented with a teaching background in alternative education and instructional coaching.

Having worked with the diverse group of students I am able to balance and differentiate learning for students of all need levels. Supporting students in academics and personal growth is a priority in my teaching. Along with having been a member of district committees, I continue to attend trainings that enable me to create an engaging and positive classroom atmosphere for my students. 

Aside from using various teaching strategies and scaffolds, implementing technology into my classes has greatly increased the meaningful learning that happens in each of my lessons. Flipped lessons, social media and multimedia projects have all found a home in my teaching. Along with engaging lessons, building strong student and parent relationships over the years has increased the success of my students.