• Alvord Unified School District Announces Relocation to New District Office

    Alvord Unified School District is excited to announce its move to a new office in Corona, CA. Construction is almost complete on the three-story building where the district office will house approximately 150 employees. The new building is both welcoming and inviting throughout the modern facility.

    The new location is spacious, consisting of an employee break room, conference rooms for every department, and a Board of Education meeting room that comfortably sits 231 visitors. The Board Room will allow for more participation from students, parents, employees and community members. The outside grounds have benches for employees and visitors to enjoy the scenery of palm trees and rolling hills. Moreover, the new office includes an emergency center to serve all Alvord schools in the event of a disaster.

    The move into the new space on 9 KPC Parkway, Corona, CA, is expected to happen by the end of February. The custom-built office will replace the current district office located on Keller Avenue that has served as the main Alvord Unified School District’s home for over 60 years.

    Providing a centralized, safe environment for employees was integral to the decision for the relocation. The current office on Keller Avenue included a building that was deemed unsafe for occupancy. With recent increased hiring the current office has proved inadequate to handle such rapid growth.

    Employees will have ergonomically designed furniture, such as rising desks that maximize functionality and safety. This futuristic functionality gives employees the option of standing while working rather than sitting for extended periods. As has been proven by several medical studies, standing rather than sitting for long periods promotes health and improves the health and well-being of employees. According to Superintendent, Dr. Sid Salazar, “We want the best working environment for our employees who work arduously to help all members of the Alvord family.  We believe this relocation will maximize the efficiency of all district operations."

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