Attendance Policy

  • Attendance Policies:

    Under California Ed Code 48200 it states that every child between the ages of 6 and 18 must be in school every day and on time and it is the parents’ responsibility. Failure to send your child to school may result in a fine of $250 per day for each absence.

    Types of Excused Absences (State Law C.A.C. Title 5, Section 420)

    The state of California only recognizes three reasons why a child can miss school:

    1. Your child has a doctor’s appointment. You must provide a note from a medical doctor or a school nurse. The note must be submitted to the attendance office within 48 hours of the child returning to school.
    2. Your child was required to attend a court proceeding for him or her.
    3. Your child attends the funeral of a close family member; this is limited to one day in-state and three days out-of-state.
    • Please note that the physician must be in the United States. We cannot verify with doctors outside of the country.


    Absences which do not qualify as excused under the guidelines of the California Education Code are:

    • oversleeping
    • unverified illness
    • missing the bus
    • car did not start
    • rain or other inclement weather
    • visiting family
    • baby-sitting
    • etc.

    Students who are absent for these or other similar reasons listed will receive an unexcused absence.

    Absences for more than three days due to illness will require doctor’s verification to clear.

    Student Early Release

    No student may leave campus at any time during the school day without first checking out at the Attendance Office and obtaining a permit to leave. Early request must be done in-person in the Attendance Office.

    Parents, guardians, and emergency contact persons must show proper identification before a student will be released from school into their custody. Students will not be released to anyone who is not listed on the student’s emergency card. Phone calls and faxed notes are not accepted.

    Remember: Education is the key to a better future.

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