DROVLA Recognition Program (Alvord spelled backwards)

  • We are pleased to announce that the DROVLA appreciation cards are back in Alvord!

    The DROVLA Award History

    The DROVLA Award Recognition Program began a few years back in Alvord.  The awards were sent anonymously from our central office through district mail; each award was merely a genuine compliment regarding work with Alvord.  Seasoned employees in Alvord enjoyed these awards and agreed that the fact the sender was kept a secret was the best part.  The gesture of someone taking the time to express gratitude and compliment others for their exemplary work ethics is priceless. 

    In honor of DROVLA, Alvord has replicated the former cartoon of an ancient Greek philosopher and printed greeting cards with this distinguished character.  To seize olden memories, each DROVLA award will be handwritten with the recipient’s name and a compliment.  

    The DROVLA Award Now 

    The DROVLA is a peer recognition program that allows anyone to send an appreciation card to a fellow colleague.  Alvord strongly believes that all employees deserve to feel valued and appreciated at work because each of us deserves to know that what we are doing matters.  Bringing back this tradition allows our district to rekindle familiar times and make new memories. 

    I am ready to send a DROVLA Award!

    If you are ready to send a DROVLA award, follow these instructions: 

    • Pick up a DROVLA Award card; Cards are available through your school/department secretary, clerk or assistant. 
    • Fill out the card with sentiments/words of appreciation for the person you are nominating.
    • Please include the first name, last name, school site/location of the nominee on the front of the envelope (Without this important information, the district mail driver will not be able to deliver the card to the nominee).
    • Once completed, drop off the card in the district's outgoing mail.


    I filled out a form.  What’s next?

    Everyone who is nominated will receive an anonymous DROVLA award via district mail.  There is no limit as to how many DROVLA cards someone sends as everyone at Alvord is worthy of being recognized multiple times! 

Mock up DROVLA Award
  • Mock Up of the DROVLA award

    Actual Size of Appreciation Card 

    3.5 in by 5 in