Message from Mr. Shiflett

  • Dear Parents/Guardians:


    I hope this letter finds you well.  We are excited to welcome our hybrid students back to campus two days a week starting March 22, 2021 for in-person instruction, while continuing to provide high quality instruction for our students on days that they are learning remotely.   

    As we transition to having student cohorts back on campus two days a week, there will be changes to all student bell schedules regardless of the student’s program of study.  The changes will affect students in the AACHS hybrid model who are placed in Cohorts A, B, and D.  All high school students will continue to attend school five days a week, with live instruction Monday-Thursday and asynchronous assignments on Friday.  Please note however that the new schedule will now have students attending classes from 8:00am- 1:40pm Monday through Thursday.   Hybrid students who will attend school in person, must come to campus only on their assigned cohort days and will log-in using the distance-learning platform during scheduled at-home learning days.  Students in cohort D will learn from home every day utilizing the distance-learning format.  Teachers at all schools will continue office hours and asynchronous assignments on Friday. Your student must complete Friday assignments by the teacher’s deadline to receive attendance credit and credit in the gradebook for that assignment.  For your reference, I have attached copies of the new bell schedule for our high school students.

    • Cohort A – on site Monday and Wednesday, distance learning at home Tuesday and Thursday
    • Cohort B – on site Tuesday and Thursday, distance learning at home Monday and Wednesday
    • Cohort D – 100% Distance learning at home Monday through Thursday
    • Fridays - Asynchronous assignments and Tier 2 and 3 support during office hours.

    When students return to campus, there will also be new policies and procedures in place to ensure we are meeting the safety guidelines as set forth by the state, county, and district.  There will be changes to arrival and dismissal procedures, as well as numerous changes to campus procedures.  These are all explained in details in the return home video, but I will outline some of the most important changes below.

    • All students may arrive at campus between 7:40am – 7:55am.  Campus does not open until 7:40am.  Please DO NOT drop your student off before this time.  We have very strict guidelines that must be followed to ensure the safety of everyone on campus and this rule will be strictly enforced. 
    • We will be serving breakfast who are designated cohort to be on site each day.  Only students who are eating breakfast may arrive early to campus.  Breakfast service time is between 7:45am -8:00am.  Any student who is eating breakfast on campus, must arrive during the designated breakfast times and must remain seated on the blue benches until class begins. 
    • When students arrive on campus, they must enter campus through the designated area by the front parking lot.  Upon arrival, all students will have a temperature check and a staff member will verify that they are wearing an appropriate face covering before letting the student on campus.
    • All students must wear an approved face covering at all times when on campus.  Approved face coverings are cloth facemasks, single-use facemasks, or gaiters.  Students may not wear bandanas, masks with valves, masks with non-breathable fabric, or any other items that do not meet approved criteria.  If a student arrives to school without an appropriate face covering or with a facemask/covering that does not meet the approved requirements, he/she will not be allowed on campus.  Any pattern or decoration on the face covering must meet all dress code guidelines.
    • Students must bring their school issued Chromebook and charging cord to campus each day.  Please ensure the device is charged each night.
      • No personal devices (laptops, computers, tablets, etc.) are allowed on campus.
    • Students and staff are expected to practice social distancing at all times by maintaining a minimum distance of 6ft while indoors and outdoors.

    It is also extremely important as we return to campus to remember that no parent, staff, or student should come to campus if he/she is feeling sick or showing any COVID symptoms.  If your child is sick, please keep him/her home until they are better and symptom free.  If you would like to request a voluntary COVID test, the school can provide one to be sent home with your child or picked up in front by an adult, or refer you to a testing location. In addition, if your child becomes sick at school, you will be contacted and MUST come to pick up your child immediately.  We appreciate you following these policies and helping us to ensure the safety of every person that enters campus.

    Although school may look different than it did in previous years, the entire AACHS staff is excited to see our students and families, whether virtually or in person.  We are looking forward to working with you and having an amazing finish to the 2020-2021 school year.


    Craig Shiflett

    Director of Alternative Programs