• Attendance 

    Phone (951) 358-1755 Office hours: 7:00am-3:30pm 

    Attendance Policy 

    The State attendance laws require regular school attendance and punctuality with both the school and parents having the responsibility for enforcing these laws. A  student should not be absent from school without the parent’s knowledge and consent.  Students are expected to attend all classes and to be on time unless properly excused. The  State of California has determined that excused absences are limited to the following reasons: Verified illness 

    • Verified visitation to a medical office, clinic, doctor, or dentist 
    • Funeral of an immediate family member 
    • Quarantine of the home 

    Absences which do not qualify as excused under the guidelines of the California Education Code are oversleeping, unverified illness, missing the bus, car did not start, rain or other inclement weather, visiting friends, lack of clothing, babysitting, etc. Students who are absent for these or other similar reasons listed in this paragraph will receive an unexcused absence. 

    The teacher of any class from which a pupil has an excused absence shall determine how the assignments will be made up by the pupil and in what period of time the pupil shall complete such assignments. Tests and assignments may be the same as those missed or shall be reasonably equivalent to them as set forth in the Education Code 48205. Excessive absences in a  class are sufficient reason for a failing grade in that class. 


    • A satisfactory explanation from the parent or guardian of the student is required for any absence. An explanation for the absence may be a phone call from the parent or guardian to the Attendance Office on each day the student is absent or a note from the parent or guardian to the Attendance Office on the day the student returns from an absence. 
    • A note from a medical office or court paperwork will clear an absence, according to the  State of California. A parent/guardian may call in to clear an absence so it won’t turn into a truant mark.  
    • If the student returns to school after an absence without a phone call or note from the parent/guardian, the student will be considered truant. Students will have three days,  including the day of return to clear the absence.  
    • It is the student’s responsibility to request makeup work in a timely manner. Excused absences for more than three days will require doctor’s verification to clear.  
    • The absence of a student for the purpose of obtaining confidential medical services may  be excused by school administration without the consent of parents. (Ed. Code 46010.1)  Students will be required to meet with their counselor or administrator before leaving  campus. A verification of their appointment and attendance will be confirmed by a phone  call and doctor’s note. 
    • Phone messages from parent/guardian to their student will not be delivered during class time. The Attendance office will page the student during passing period ONLY. Students will NOT be excused from class to receive phone calls in the office. 

    Tardy Policy  

    Students are expected to be prompt to each class. Tardies may affect academic grades as students miss class activities at the beginning of each period.  

    Tardy guidelines are as follows: 

    • Detentions will be issued after the third (3rd) late tardy.  
    • All detentions will be issued by OCI.  
    • After 7:50am students will be detained in OCI for the remainder of 1st period.  

    School Attendance Review Board (S.A.R.B.

    The purpose of the School Attendance Review Board is to divert students with school  attendance or school behavior problems from the Juvenile Justice System by providing guidance  and coordinated community services to meet their special needs. The Board attempts to help the student and the parent/guardian to solve problems by using community resources. If this  Board is unable to solve the problems at their level, the student and parent/guardian may be issued a citation and will be required to appear in court. Ed. Code 48263.  

    On-Campus Passes 

    • Any student out of class is required to have an official pass and their student ID.  Students out of class without an official HHS pass will be assigned detention, or placed in  OCI. 
    • Sweeps of the campus will be conducted daily by campus supervisors and administration.  Any student out of class without an approved hall pass and student ID will be sent to OCI. 

    Off-Campus Lunch Privileges 

    • Hillcrest is a closed campus for all students with 54 or less credits (Freshmen and  Sophomores). 
    • Off-campus lunch is a privilege that may be revoked upon request of the parent or by the discretion of the school administration when the student abuses the privilege (i.e., being tardy to class, less than a 2.0 GPA, earning an F in a course, loitering, inappropriate behavior, or any other violation of California Education Code or Board of Education policy). 
    • A parent must come to HHS in person to sign the permission slip allowing their student to leave at lunch.
    • Students will be allowed to leave campus at lunch and must have a Hillcrest High School  I.D. card in their possession with a lunch pass. Failure to produce this I.D. when called upon will be considered a violation of the privilege and will result in the student not being allowed to leave campus at lunch and possible disciplinary action. 
    • Students are not permitted to bring drink containers onto campus. All cups, bottles, etc. must be consumed off campus or left in a receptacle outside the perimeter gates. 

    Student Early Release 

    If it is necessary for a student to leave during the school day, the procedure below  must be followed: 

    • Before school, lunch or after school, present a signed note (with release time) from your  parent/guardian at the Attendance Office requesting an off-campus pass. Phoned in early  releases are not accepted. 
    • The parent/guardian or person authorized to remove student from school on emergency card, must show valid picture ID. 
    • Only parent or guardian may fax an early release note. The faxed note must be signed and state the time of release.  

    If a student becomes ill or has an emergency, he/she must check out with the Attendance Office staff before leaving campus. If this procedure is not followed, OCI or detention may be 

    assigned. Bringing a note after the fact will excuse the absence but not the penalty for failure to obtain an off-campus pass prior to departure! Students must not leave campus for any  reason without checking out at the attendance office first. This includes leaving at lunch and not returning. 

    PARENTS — Please make sure that the information on your child’s emergency card filed in the Attendance Office is current. We must have a phone number to call you or another adult to release your child. 

    Field Trip Guidelines 

    • In order for a student to be allowed to attend a field trip during the school day, he/she  MUST meet the following requirements: 
    • Completely fill out a field trip permission slip with parent signature 
    • Completely fill out a progress report/field trip notification sheet that shows the grade for each class. 
    • Any student with the grade of an “F” in a class will not be able to miss that class to attend the field trip. 
    • A teacher may suggest that a student not attend a field trip due to academic needs. In these cases, the student, family, and teachers, will reach resolution at least 24 hours before the trip. 
    • Students involved in athletics will follow CIF eligibility rules when traveling to school scheduled events.