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Degrees and Certifications:

A.S. Physical Science Riverside Community College 1989 B.A. Cal State San Bernardino Corporate Communication 1993 M.A. La Sierra University Administration and Leadership 1995 Administrative Service Credential, La Sierra University 1995

Mr. Syms

Thank you for visiting me at Meet the Teacher! 

As I begin my 27th year of teaching, I still enjoy teaching as much as I did my first year.  I currently teach 6th grade math, science and AVID. I'm also the AVID Coordinator.  

I began my teaching career at Terrace Elementary School in 1991 as a 5th grade teacher.  


I've been at Arizona Middle School the last 17 years and have enjoyed watching the students grow academically each year.    

My most memorable moment as a teacher is when past students come back and visit me years after I had them in my classes.  They tell me about how the teachers at Alvord have made a difference in their lives and gave them the academic tools and encouragement to succeed in college and life.

Years ago, my cell phone rang and I looked down to see a number I didn't recognize, but I chose to answer it, and to my surprise it was a former student.  He told me that he graduated from college and he was going to be a college professor.  I was pleased with this news. Then he thanked me for encouraging him to always do his best in school. Rarely, do we hear about their student stories.  Right then and there I knew why I was a teacher; to make a positive difference in someone's life.  So, you might be thinking at this time how he got my unlisted number.  Well, to this day, I have no idea, but after he told me that he graduated from Harvard University, I figured out that if he can graduate from one of the premier colleges in the world, he could probably figure out how to find my number. I only heard from him that one time. As the years pass, I often wonder about the many success stories from our Alvord student alumnus; and I'm sure that they are out there!