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  • Principal Weekly Updates


    August 8, 2022:

    Hello, Norte Vista students and families!
    As always, I hope my message continues to find you in good health and spirits. First, I want to express how great it was to have students back on campus, and how great the first two days of school went! Both our certificated and classified staff did an amazing job preparing for the start of the school year, and this was evident throughout both days. Teachers spent the first two days engaging students in activities with the purpose of building connections and encouraging students to be active participants in their education. 
    Second, we are still in the process of enrolling students that missed registration days, making the necessary schedule changes, and balancing classes. So, there is still the possibility that your student may receive a schedule change over the next two weeks, as we balance the number of students in each classroom. Besides these schedule changes, be aware of other reasons why we will, or will not, change schedules:
    • Schedule changes will NOT BE MADE for the following reasons:
      • You want a different teacher.
      • You don’t like the class
      • You want a different period.
      • You want a different lunch 
      • You want to be with your friend
    • Schedule changes will BE MADE for the following reasons:
      • You already passed that class.
      • You are missing a class
      • You have double periods (Example: two 3rd period classes)
      • Incorrect grade level
    Third, please be aware that school-wide staff will be focusing on students being in class on time, and students NOT using their cell phones/earbuds during instructional time. Please help support staff by emphasizing to your students the importance of being in class on time, every day, every period, and being a responsible user of technology during instructional time. We thank you for your cooperation and support on these two topics.
    Finally, please follow this link to view our Superintendents' latest weekly round-up, which contains updated information from the California Department of Public Health, regarding COVID protocols, information on our Independent Study Home Based Program, our breakfast and lunch program, and the Office of School Safety, for the upcoming school year. LINK
    Have a safe and relaxing reminder of your summer break, and we will see you during student registration!!
    Finally, thank you for continuously supporting "The Best High School in the World."
    Please continue to read our Superintendent's weekly message, and visit the AUSD Main Website, and the California Department of Public Health for the latest updates on COVID-19. 

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  •  Vision

    The Alvord Unified School District and Norte Vista High School Promise:

    All students will realize their unlimited potential. 


    Mission Statement

    Norte Vista High School, a dynamic learning community that embraces innovation, exists to ensure all students attain lifelong success through a system distinguished by:

    • Active and inclusive partnerships
    • Relationships that foster a culture of trust and integrity
    • High expectations and equitable learning opportunities for all
    • A mindset that promotes continuous improvement
    • Multiple opportunities for exploration and creativity
    • Professional development that promotes quality teaching and learning
    •  Access to learning experiences that promote a high quality of life


Norte Vista High School

  • Welcome to Norte Vista High School, the Best High School in the World!

    We invite you to visit our campus and witness our strong instructional programs, school safety, appealing facility and welcoming staff.

    Understanding our educational program, student achievement, and curriculum development can assist both our school and our school community in ongoing program improvement.



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