Dual Language Immersion: Overview

  • The possibilities are endless as students in Alvord Unified School District progress towards their unlimited potential. It is with great pride that the Alvord Unified School District provides this educational opportunity to its students and community.

    The California Department of Education states that multilingual programs are designed to lead students towards linguistic fluency and academic achievement in more than one language. The CDE's mission is to equip students with world language skills to better appreciate and more fully engage with the diverse mixture of cultures, heritages, and languages found in California and the world, while also preparing them to succeed in the global economy.

    Alvord's Dual Language Immersion Program offers English and Spanish speaking students an exciting, enriching, and challenging educational opportunity. Students in DLI will learn to read, write, and communicate effectively in both languages while demonstrating high levels of academic achievement. DLI education aims to ensure that students become bilingual and bi-literate starting in the early years of school, when children are best primed for language learning.  

    Once enrolled, students will have the opportunity to continue dual language education through elementary and into middle and high school. The goal of this comprehensive K-12 DLI program is for students to enter college and begin their careers fully literate in two languages.

    Participation in dual language education is optional and space is limited. If you are interested in dual language education and have a child entering kindergarten, please contact the EL office at (951) 509-5094.

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