Benefits of Parent’s Portal Account:

    Parents can see student’s:

    1. contact information (addresses, phone number)
    2. attendance status in real time
    3. grades, transcript and Report Card
    4. Aeries Gradebook, missing assignments, exams scores, and final grade
    5. immunization/medical records
    6. class schedule
    7. other student related information

    How to obtain Parent’s Portal Account:


    1. If you provided the school your email address, a portal account was automatically created. See step #3 below.
    2. If you have not provided the school your email address, please provide your email address to the school staff so the information can be entered into Aeries. Once your email has been entered into Aeries, the system will automatically create your account. You will then receive an email that looks similar to the one below in step #3.
    3. Email with your login information

     Parent Email

    How to login to Parent’s Portal Account:





    • Open your internet browser (Chrome or Firefox) and go to the Alvord Unified School District web site http://www.alvordorg

                                    Put your mouse over the word Parents and then click AERIES


    1. Select your corresponding language
    2. Enter your email address (username), click Next
    3. Enter the Temporary password provided to you via email, click Next
    4. You are now logged in and you are ready to view your child’s information!




  • Link to Aeries Portal


    Aeries Link to Spanish Portal