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Student Expectations for Distance Learning

Alvord Unified School District

Student Expectations for Distance Learning

Alvord Unified Distance Learning is designed to give students an engaging online learning experience that includes clear expectations and learning outcomes. These expectations will include online and offline learning activities. The work for each content area can be found in Google Classroom or other learning platform your teacher is using. Tools such as instructional videos, live and recorded sessions, online resources, etc., may be used.

It is important that students understand their responsibility as learners to engage in their classrooms, each day.  In addition, they are responsible for the same rules and regulations as listed in the Alvord Unified School District Annual Parent Notification and site specific handbooks.

Students will:

  • Follow the Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement (signed during data confirmation)
  • Wear attire acceptable for school while online.
  • Collaborate with peers and staff using respectful language and behaviors 
  • Create a space and dedicated time for learning
  •  Attend classes at designated time.
  • Seek help when needed (teachers, counselors, principals)
  • Demonstrate learning with completion of assignments
    • Students are responsible for all online content that is assigned and will be graded accordingly
  • Communicate with your teacher and examine feedback
  • Reach out to your teachers if you are overwhelmed 
  • Be patient with yourselves and your teachers- we are all working, together

Whenever a student is found to have violated Board policy or the District’s Acceptable Use Agreement, the principal or designee may cancel or limit a student’s user privileges or increase supervision of the student’s use of the District’s equipment and other technological resources, as appropriate. Inappropriate use also may result in disciplinary action and/or legal action in accordance with law and Board policy.


Parents are encouraged to:

  • Monitor students’ gradebooks through the AERIES Parent Portal (using the same login used for data confirmation).
  • Monitor classwork assignments in Google Classrooms or other learning platform.
  • Contact teacher by email for questions regarding classes and assignments.
  • Contact school administrator for questions regarding school issues.