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9/11 Day of Service

Each year Riverside hosts a citywide Never Forget 9-11 Day of Service in honor of Riverside’s first responders. The residents of Riverside come together to provide lunch to first responders across the city in a show of gratitude for their daily service to our great city.

This year, four students from AACHS were given the opportunity to participate in Riverside’s 9/11 Day of Service. Robert Guerra, Aaron Lopez-Gomez, Marilyn Rosales, and Daniela Morales took a trip to Riverside City Fire Station #10 along with school counselor, Mr. Recendez and La Sierra Culinary Arts teacher, Mr. Porter.

The students not only prepared the lunch of pulled pork sandwiches and coleslaw but were also able to sit down and enjoy a meal and conversation with the first responders. The students were given a tour of the fire station and were able to see what a day in the life of a typical firefighter is. They took turns trying on the different gear and were able to get an idea of what a difficult job being a firefighter can be.

The firefighters also took an interest in our students. They had open and honest conversations with them about their future and about the different support systems that are available to them.

After the trip, the students expressed their gratitude to the firefighters not only for their daily service but also for opening up their doors and for their hospitality.

Thank you Station 10 for everything you do!