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GEMS, Girls Excelling in Mathematics with Success

A small group of our eighth grade female students traveled to Los Angeles with Janet Fedenuik. These GEMS, Girls Excelling in Mathematics with Success (a program created by Dr. Pamela Clute in conjunction with the United Way), had the opportunity to participate in the 2018 Engineers Week Ladies Day at Los Angeles City Hall. They, along with students from five other schools / organizations, heard a presentation by Kristina Swallow, 2017 President Elect of the American Society of Civil Engineers. They also participated in two hands on activities, had a group photo, and most importantly, were served lunch :-). These seven students participated in GEMS activities last summer, and Janet has worked with them since then. They, too are learning that they are valued, and have the ability and self worth to pursue their dreams after high school. This is how we build a better tomorrow.