NGSS Workshop Day 2



Welcome to Day 2 of our NGSS workshop series!


Professional Learning Goals:
• Review the 5 E instructional model lesson sequences as a pedagogical component of NGSS instruction.
• For a performance expectation(s), identify a possible performance task that would assess student learning around the performance expectation(s)
● Review grade level or subject area instructional sequences in the California State Framework Instructional Sequences
● Using a planning tool, take a look at the NGSS Unit of instruction to create Lesson Sequences that connect to Unit.
● Plan a literacy component and connect them into the learning cycle that integrates the three dimensions of the NGSS.

8:00 am Welcome and Registration

NGSS Secondary Resources from Yami

8:30 am Overview: Looking Back to Move Forward
Our Journey through the NGSS Innovations
The 5 E Instructional Sequence Model

Secondary 5E Lessons from 9.29.16

9:00 am Designing an NGSS Lesson Sequence, part 1
Inquiry Based Learning
Identifying the Planning Tools
Draft California State Framework Instructional Sequences

11:30 am Lunch

12:30 pm Designing a Lesson Sequence, part 2
Planning a 3D Lesson Sequences that enriches the
instruction of the NGSS Unit

2:30 pm Closure, Debriefing and Evaluation  Click here for Secondary Feedback form

3:00 End





ELEMENTARY Welcome to Day 2 of our NGSS workshop series!



  1. Review/discuss homework from September session (CER introduction and ELA units)
  2. Looking at students’ work for “how strong is a bag of air?”
  3. Develop CER expectation framework for each grade level
  4. Review instructional sequences from CS Science Framework and develop a plan for the creation of 2 mini-units

Presentation Materials from Dr. Simani



Thank you for your participation!