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"See Something, Say Something"


"See Something, Say Something" is a national campaign used to help raise awareness of suspicious activity. 

"See Something, Say Something" is more than just a slogan; it's how  we protect ourselves, our loved ones and our communities.

How to Participate

We all play a role in the safety of our communities.

For #SeeSayDay 2023, we encourage the public to make a pledge to protect their communities by being ready to report suspicious activity to local authorities.


How Can Students Help at School, at Home, and in Their Communities?

Be aware. 
Listen, look, pay attention to the people and places around you.

Go with your gut. 
If you feel uncomfortable about something you have seen or heard, talk to an adult to help you sort out the facts of the situation.

There is a difference between reporting and tattling or gossiping.  By providing information either directly or confidentially, you may be able to prevent harm to others.

Know What to Report.

  • Who or What you saw
  • When you saw it
  • Where it occurred
  • Why it is suspicious


Source: Department of Homeland Security