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Suggested Guidelines: Heat Advisory


Southern California’s heat waves bring increased danger of fires, power outages and heat-related illnesses. 

Here are some important hot weather reminders:

  • Children take longer to adjust to hot environments than adults do.
  • Children's bodies have greater surface area to body mass ratio, so they absorb more heat and can heat up three to five times faster than an adult's body.
  • Children have considerably lower sweat capacity than adults, and so they are less able to dissipate body heat by evaporative sweating and cooling.
  • Children are less likely to feel thirsty during prolonged play and exercise, and sometimes they just don't want to be interrupted. They often need to be reminded to take breaks and drink water.


Additionally, when it comes to outdoor activities, including sports, we need to take appropriate steps to ensure our students do not experience heat-related illnesses.