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Health Services

Welcome to Health Services

  • Welcome to Health Services!


  • Credentialed, California School Registered Nurses
  • Health Assistants
  • Specialized physical health care procedures
  • Case management for students with chronic health conditions
  • Referrals to community agencies for health care, dental, eyeglasses
  • Referrals to immunization clinics in the local area
  • Daily clinic from 7:30am - 8:30am (clearance to return to school)
  • Daily Screening for vision, color vision, and hearing
  • Emergency on-call nurse available during all school days


Health Services Clinic

nurse is available to identify health problems and provide clearance for students returning to school following contagious conditions such as head lice, pink eye, rashes, and chickenpox. Parents may call Monday thru Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. with questions concerning health problems relating to school-age children.


Our office is located at:

6411 Mitchell Avenue, Riverside, CA 92505


For more information, please contact us at (951) 509-5033




Contact Health Services

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Phone: (951) 509-5033
FAX: (951) 509-6026


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Health Services

6411 Mitchell Avenue

Riverside, CA 92505


Health Services Resources

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  • If medication must be taken during school hours, the California Education Code requires a form to be signed by the physician and parent. Check with the school secretary if you need this form or download it Medication Authorization Form. All medications, including inhalers, must be in a properly labeled container from the pharmacy. They will be kept in a secure place at school, with the exception of inhalers or emergency self-administered epinephrine that can be kept on the student when the appropriate self-administered medication forms are properly completed.



    Information About Self-Administering Medication On Campus

    In order for your child to carry a self-administered emergency medication on his/her person, please complete this Authorization for Self Administered Medication Form, along with the medication form, and return it to the school's office.   



  • For information regarding services from California Department of Health Care Services and how to apply for Medi-Cal, please click on Health Resources link below.

     Health Resources
    Click here to visit Department of Health Care Services


    For information regarding immunization requirements for school entry, please click on the Shots for School link below.

    Shots for School

  • To make sure your child is ready for school, California law, Education Code Section 49452.8, now requires that your child have an Oral Health Assessment Form(dental check-up) by May 31 in either kindergarten or first grade, whichever is his or her first year in public school. Assessments that have been completed within the 12 months before your child enters school also meet this requirement. The law specifies that the assessment must be done by a licensed dentist or other licensed or registered dental health professional.

    Take this Oral Health Assessment Form with you to the dentist. If you cannot take your child for this required exam, please indicate the reason for this in Section 3 of the form. California law requires schools to maintain the privacy of students’ health information.

    The following resources will help you find a dentist and complete this requirement for your child:

    MediCal/Denti-Cal’s toll-free number (1-800-322-6384) or Medical Dental Website can help you to find a dentist who takes Denti-Cal

    For help enrolling your child in Medi-Cal/Denti-Cal, or for additional resources that may be helpful, contact the local Department of Public Social Services at 11060 Magnolia Ave. The phone number is 951-358-3400.


    Tips for Parents on Oral Health

    Remember, your child is not healthy and ready for school if he or she has poor dental health! Here is important advice to help your child stay healthy:

    • Take your child to the dentist twice a year.

    • Choose healthy foods for the entire family. Fresh foods are usually the healthiest foods.

    • Brush teeth at least twice a day with toothpaste that contains fluoride.

    • Babies should never be put to bed with a bottle. Baby bottles should be eliminated by age 2.

    • Limit candy and sweet drinks such as punch or soda. Sweet drinks and candy contain a lot of sugar, which causes cavities and replaces important nutrients in your child’s diet. Sweet drinks and candy also contribute to weight problems, which may lead to other diseases, such as diabetes. The less candy and sweet drinks, the better!

    Baby teeth are very important. They are not just teeth that will fall out. Children need their teeth to eat properly, talk, smile, and feel good about themselves. Children with cavities may have difficulty eating, stop smiling, and have problems paying attention and learning at school. Tooth decay is an infection that does not heal and can be painful if left without treatment. If cavities are not treated, children can become sick enough to require emergency room treatment and their adult teeth may be permanently damaged.

    Many things influence a child’s progress and success in school, including health. Children must be healthy to learn, and children with cavities are not healthy. Cavities are preventable, but they affect more children than any other chronic disease.

  • According to law, schools will administer basic first aid if an injury or illness occurs on campus. It is the parent's responsibility to pick up the child from school if he/she becomes ill or requires more than basic first aid. An emergency number, other than the parent, as designated by the parent, MUST be on file at the school's office for use if an injury or illness occurs when the parent cannot be reached.


    Illness Guidelines

    Please do not send a child to school with the following symptoms:

    • Fever of 100.4º or more
      • Student may return to school if fever-free 24-hours, without the help of medication
    • Undiagnosed rash
    • Diarrhea
      • See a doctor immediately if diarrhea is accompanied by: no urine output for 8 hours; jaundiced skin; or child looks/acts very ill.
    • Vomiting more than once a day or accompanied by fever, rash or general weakness.  May return if does not vomit breakfast.
    • Cold sores
      • Cold sores can be passed from one person to another, but only through direct contact.  Children who drool or place toys in their mouths when they have cold sores should stay home; other children may come to school.
    • Antibiotics
      • Children who are placed on anitbiotics for any reason, should be on them for a FULL 24 hours (longer for Pertussis/Whooping Cough) before returning to school to prevent the spread of infections.  If you are uncertain, ask your school nurse.
    • Head lice
      • Begin treatment of head lice immediately, check family members and treat home.  Prior to re-entry to school, a parent/guardian must bring the student to the District Health Clinic (10365 Keller Avenue) for assessment with a school nurse.
    • Children with Conjunctivitie (Pink Eye) who do not receive medical treatment need to be kept home from school until the infection has passed (all symptons are gone).  Children who are on prescribed eye medication may return to school after 24 hours depending upon your doctor's recommendation.

    Final decision and exceptions regarding attendance for reasons of health of any student will be at the discretion of the school nurse.

    Thank you for helping keep our school healthy and safe.

  • Please check your child's head periodically for lice and nits (dandruff-like specks that do not fall off).

    An early sign of head lice is excessive itching. If discovered at school, you will be contacted by the school. Treatment and removal of live lice should be completed within 1-3 days. After treatment and removal of live lice, your child needs to be seen in the Health Services Clinic for clearance to return to school. The nurse will sign a clearance slip to be taken to your school.