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Secondary Education

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Alvord Students, Parents and Community,


In Secondary Education, we are dedicated to the success of our students through assessment, curriculum and support that is designed to provide essential learning.  Professional development and training allow for continuous improvement with strategies and skills to enhance each student’s learning experience, while aligning with state and federal educational standards.  Collaboration among Secondary teachers, counselors and administrators ensure that effective curriculum, instruction, and support is provided to our middle and high school students.


Our schools’ Athletics, Activities and Visual and Performing Arts programs are designed to enrich the middle school and high school journey.  We will continue to strive for success through these programs, as well as all responsibilities under Secondary Leadership.  Our mission is and will remain preparing students for success with encouragement, motivation, and learning.




Mark Sims, Ed.D.

Director of Secondary Leadership


Programs Under Secondary Leadership

Secondary School Principals and Administrators

Secondary School Counselors

Secondary School Curriculum and Courses

Summer School

State and Federal Programs/Federal Program Monitoring

Dual Enrollment

Commencements and Promotions




Alvord High School  Hillcrest High School  La Sierra High School  Mission View High School  Norte Vista High School


  Thursday, July 11th   12:00-1:00PM

  La Sierra University

  4500 Riverwalk Pkwy

  Riverside, CA 92505


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